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reptile keepers.



Efficiently rehabilitating, rehoming, breeding and selling exotic reptiles and amphibians. Shipping to and from almost anywhere in the USA.


Producing videos about reptiles (most of the time). Content ranges from lighthearted vlogs to the controversial ethics and practices within the reptile industry.



You're here now. is the hub of the brand, featuring all-things-reptile from detailed care guides to unique merchandise.


In 2012, Alex made a blog "Exploring the small wonders of North Carolina’s nature" known as NC Nature News when he was 12 years old. At its peak, the blog had 29 readers.


This blog eventually re-branded in 2016 to "GoHerping", named after the act of catching reptiles and amphibians.

YouTube became the center platform of the brand around this time. Reptiles have always been the focus of videos, with consistent uploads for 7 years and a community of over 450,000 subscribers, still growing today.

In 2018, Alex co-created Emerald Scales, a company rehabilitating, rehoming and selling reptiles online. It has since been fully acquired by GoHerping and taken in over 350 animals and counting.

As of 2020, Alex continues to build his brands, a small team and a stronger online presence. If you ever need to grab his attention, just start talking about Tesla motors, Adventure Time or Stardew Valley.

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