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In 2012, I made a blog about exploring the outdoors called NC Nature News when I was 12 years old. At its peak, the blog had 29 readers!


In 2016, my blog eventually rebranded into a website known as "GoHerping", named after the act of catching reptiles and amphibians.

By 2017, YouTube became my primary platform as I had always loved the idea of becoming a fulltime YouTuber. Reptiles have been the focus of videos since then, with over 450 uploads, 70,000,000 views and a community of 600,000 subscribers.

In 2018, I co-created Emerald Scales, a company rehabilitating, rehoming and selling reptiles online. We've sent over 500 animals to new homes.

As of 2021, I still live in North Carolina. My primary focuses are creating better stuff on YouTube, and expanding Emerald Scales.