The 9th art contest is now open!

Enter by October 15th

Voting ends October 22nd


Most voted entries receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card, and $50+ in value on the GoHerping shop.

What to Submit

A drawing, animation, photograph, or any other art form involving reptiles/amphibians - digital or traditional!

How to Enter

You may enter once on Discord, and once on Facebook. If you choose to enter in both places, your entries must differ from one another.

Rules & Regulations

Since we have not done a contest in a while, you may reuse anything you’ve submitted into any previous Discord Art Contest as long as that image didn't win in any previous contest.


-Due to shipping complications if you’re not in the USA, your prize will be a $45 USD Amazon gift card and Franklin pin.


-Voting with "ALT" accounts on Facebook or Discord will result in being disqualified from both contests.


-Breaking guidelines multiple times will get you banned from the contest completely.


Copyright infringement will be taken seriously, you absolutely must be the creator AND the owner of your submission.


-Submitting to both contests?

You may not submit the same image for the the Discord/Facebook art contests, however you can submit to both contests, but may only win one. If one person wins both contests the 2nd place for one of the contests will receive the prize.


-You cannot cheat!

We have many moderators checking for double votes; people who vote on multiple things unfortunately have invalid votes.


-If a majority of your votes were from new accounts, especially those new to the platform, it will require further investigation to ensure no cheating happened.


-Comments will be disabled on the Facebook art contest thread on 10/22/18 when the winner is announced.


-Getting your prize

You should get your giftcard within 2 days of winning, and your merch within 2 weeks.


Message Brian Hale in the Facebook group or Captain Thunder Cunt#4475 on Discord.