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I'm Alex, I'm 22, from North Carolina. I'm currently using as a hub to see what I've got to offer and what I'm up to!

At the moment, I'm mostly focusing on YouTube videos and livestreams. I'm also taking more time for myself by keeping projects to a minimum. Time definitely hasn't gone to waste though - I've been plenty busy with work in and around the house, as this property was pretty neglected before I got it.



I'm posting videos every few days. They're primarily vlogs and commentary involving the channel's community.


I'm going live every few days for 6-8 hours primarily focused on gaming, chatting and IRL streams.


I'm putting a lot of energy into all of the perks that come along with a GoHerping membership for everyone that supports me! This includes exclusive videos, private livestreams and an invite-only Discord server.

Past projects

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Emerald Scales

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The GoHerping Shop


The Reptile Lounge
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Emerald Jungle