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 Work with GoHerping 





This will be the most time consuming duty at hand. Frequent tasks include cleaning water bowls, removing feces, watering plants, vacuuming, and washing enclosures. Gloves/tongs are always available.


Start by preparing live insects, frozen rodents, fruits and vegetables. Then, feed hungry reptiles and ensure everyone gets to chow down.

Reptile Health

Bathe lizards, weigh snakes, exercise turtles, and simply help me check up on each animal to ensure they are healthy and thriving.

Video & Project Assistance

Although I prefer recording the majority of my videos solo, assistance with documenting projects, shooting additional footage, etc may be requested! Bonus points if you know how to work a manual DSLR!



If my nearest Starbucks is within a drive-able distance, you're good to go. You're expected to have a means of transport to and from my location.


Ideally, you will be somewhat close to my age! Around approx 14 to 20 years old (I'm 18).


Experience is definitely a wonderful bonus, but it's more important that you have an interest in reptiles and amphibians.

   NOT Required   

Social skills & video presence 

This can be a great opportunity to force yourself into an easy, yet still somewhat social environment if you have anxiety like me! I also do not plan on including you in videos, so no need to worry about "performing" for any cameras if you aren't interested.

Drivers liscense

As long as you have a means of transportation to and from me, you're good to go. You do not have to be capable of driving yourself to or from any errands I may have.

Dangerous reptiles

You never have to handle animals larger than a ball python without direct assistance. None of the animals I keep are venomous or dangerous to people.


Trial Period

We will begin with a 4 week trial period to see how well we work together, and if the job is worth both your and my time!


Starts at $9 per hour. May increase based on the trial period mentioned above!


This is a part time job taking place on weekdays, being flexible around both your schedule and mine. This can be adjusted overtime too! For example, if you're in school and classes change from one semester to another.

Starting schedule Goals:

Approx 10 hours per week

Between Monday and Friday

Ideally between the hours of 10am and 6pm

Schedule Example: Three 3 hour days (Ideal)

Mon; 12-3pm

Wed; 12-3pm

Fri; 12-3pm

Schedule Example: Two 5 hour days

Tues; 11am-4pm

Thurs; 11am-4pm

Schedule Example: Four  2.5 hour days

Mon; 3:30-6pm

Tues; 3:30-6pm

Thurs; 3:30-6pm

Fri; 3:30-6pm

If this position sounds up your alley, and you live in or near Durham, NC, I would be honored to see an application from you!

Position filled, check back later!

Once your application is submitted, I'll do my best to contact you via email within a week or so. If I believe you may fit the position well based on the answers received, we can set up an interview and conversation so we can get to know each other better!

If I believe this isn't the right position for you, I'll try and let you know as soon as I can.

Questions? Email

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