GoHerping Forum Guidelines



No bullying or harassing members under ANY circumstances. Regardless of how much you disagree or believe they are abusing their animals, you have no right to attack anyone within our forums. Critiquing politely with the goal of positively improving their husbandry is allowed and encouraged.

Keep everything in the appropriate designated category. Moderators will ask you to delete and move your post to a more relevant location.

Any content considered 18+ is permitted on the forum (includes profile pictures and usernames).

Although you may share useful resources or link your social profiles inside another post, you may not make a post simply for the sake of promoting yourself, another person or website, etc.

Moderators keep track of accounts reported frequently. Many rule breaks can lead to a ban. If you are ever given a warning or ban and you deem it unfair, please email community@goherping.com.


GoHerping does not take responsibility for the animals posted in our buy and sell category. However, we do everything we can to ban and remove scams, suspicious posts, etc. Please remember all general etiquette when making a transaction online or in person (be careful with personal information, always meet in public spaces, etc.)

If you are paying online, always use PayPal and send payment as "product or service", NOT as "friend or family". This will keep your transaction insured and protected by PayPal if you have an issue with your purchase.

Questions? Need to report a member? Email community@goherping.com with screenshots.

Thank you for helping us keep the forums a safe and useful place!