Manage Alex's email and handle correspondences with those we may be working with including sponsors, partnerships, and various people we contract and commission.


Manage, track and organize projects including new websites, sub-companies, products and more.


Manage the paid subscription service known as "GoHerping Members" by adding, removing and changing users. Send out updates, answer questions and assist members.


Manage the bookkeeping of GoHerping and Emerald Scales, using software to track our revenue, expenses, payment plans and budgeting. (Freshbooks, PayPal, Stripe, Wix)


Customer Support

On days where our support system is overflowing, assist the Emerald Scales manager with customers, clients and inquiries.

Local Assistance

On days where our support system is overflowing, assist the Emerald Scales manager with customers, clients and inquiries. (Durham, North Carolina)

I'm Alex, the owner of GoHerping and Emerald Scales. I'm seeking the next member of our team to organize and track my work life, document our finances, manage the community, ensure projects get done on time and well.

Begin part time and digitally work with me throughout the week via text and phone, completing delegated tasks and handling correspondences.



Minimum 18 years old.


Ownership and continual access to a computer, phone and WiFi connection.


Experience with, or the ability to quickly learn software including Freshbooks, Mailchimp, Gmail, Google Spreadsheets, Discord, PayPal, Wix and Stripe.


In or near Durham, North Carolina. Although this position is primarily online, you're expected to have a means of transport if help is needed at our location.

   Traits I need   


You're here to fix my greatest weaknesses: Procrastination and avoidance. You will touch base with me a few times per week, and get answers you need for people expecting responses or to fix roadblocks that come up in projects. Letting theses "meetings" end without my answers is not an option, no matter how painful getting me to make decisions may be.

Reading, writing and conversation skills

Email is where you're expected to thrive. Staying friendly, respectful and professional while being clear, concise and never making spelling or grammatical errors are important. Conversing efficiently and with plenty of charisma will be key. Being a fast reader is a huge perk too!

Organizational skills

Keeping track of my tasks and weekly schedule are imperative. My weeks are often random and inconsistent with new projects and tasks being added frequently. With my help, you will digitally organize my life with little room for error.



Starts at $10/hour. I raise wages of team members as their value within the company increases.


You will start part time at 15-20 hours per week. Expect an increase in hours as we learn your strengths. Exact timing can be discussed and you can expect more flexibility day-to-day than most jobs.

Starting schedule goals:

Starting 15-20 hours per week

Between Monday and Friday

Between the hours of 10am and 6pm