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I have a Bearded Dragon, Corn Snake, a Mud Turtle, and 4 leos nothing too special. Bearded Dragons name is Landon(but I think its a girl). Snakes name is Robert because I think he's a more civilized type of snake. I have 2 female leopard geckos and 2 males(OK,Eney, Lemon, and Egg). The turtles name is Bob. My First pet was Bob i got him about 8 years ago at a pet store right next to a convinience store and it was only open for like 8 months so yeah you can tell that it wasn't that great. Luckily they actually gave me the tank he was in which was a 40 gallon and Mud turtles don't grow that big only 5-6 inches or so and he's like 4 1/2 inches and he is doing pretty well in it. Thats it.


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