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Do Pet Snakes Escape Easily?

Though many people are concerned with the odds of a snake escaping their enclosure and slithering around as they please, it must be acknowledged that it is possible but is much less common than what is mostly believed. Most news articles about snakes are about them escaping and usually end in someone being bitten, swallowed whole, or some other negative connotation. These articles make for great news because snakes are one of the most feared creatures worldwide and make it easy to attract attention and become popular quickly.

How do they do it? Snakes love exploring which means they will take advantage of any hole they can find in their enclosure. On top of this, most snakes can easily nudge off the top of their enclosure if it is not properly secured. It may seem that a snake cannot fit through anything smaller than their average diameter on their body. However, if they can get their head past it, they can usually use their extremely flexible muscles and bones to force their way through.

How do you avoid it? Snakes escape when their enclosures are not properly secured which is why it is important to check everything before setting up. A common issue is when a snake squeezes through an enclosure with a faulty top screen because the glue on the sides wore off or it ripped. Some enclosures and tubs may come with latching lids and some have small holes to put locks. When using an aquarium for an enclosure with a regular screen lid that sits on top there are cheap clips you can buy to keep the lid from being pushed by the snake and in turn, prevent escapes. A DIY alternative would be to simply place something heavy on top like a textbook. Finally, the most important way to prevent snake escapes: always remember to close the door or lid.

What do you do if it happens? Most snakes won’t even move from their spot. If they do somehow make it out of their enclosure, their goal would be to find a dark, warm spot to explore or just take a nap and maybe find food along the way. Search near their enclosure, under pillows and chairs, behind the refrigerator, under beds or around other enclosures. They can usually be found in less than a minute though some can disappear for hours and in extreme cases, months only to randomly turn up again thinner than before but still alive. Just remember not to give up! Watch the video below for more.

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