GoHerping Membership Terms of Service

Welcome to the most exciting page on the site... the terms of service! By subscribing to a GoHerping membership, you're agreeing to the following.


You will automatically be billed 5.00 USD each month via PayPal. If you decide you are no longer interested, you may cancel through PayPal at any time. Your most recent payment will be not be refunded.


Your personal details will not be shared to anyone outside of GoHerping, except for the (optional) desired name you give us which will be included in content to show your support. All transactions are done via PayPal.


We do our best to stay on top of the perks you are promised as a member (weekly livestreams [soon], monthly wallpapers, etc) however, there is no guarantee we will always be perfectly on time. Schedules may change and perks may be pushed back a few days. If you are ever unhappy with the service you're given, feedback is always appreciated and can be sent directly to Alex Green; alex@goherping.com.


Like any service, we are subject to change bits and pieces of the subscription down the road. We hope to add more perks to your subscription in the future, but it's always possible perks will disappear as well (we hope not though!). If so, you will be notified at least 30 days before these changes are made. There are currently no plans to adjust pricing, but if this ever happens, you will be also notified at least 30 days in advanced.


This is a premium subscription where perks are for subscribers-only. Coupon codes are only eligible for use by the subscriber. The distribution of content you are given may not be re-posted, shared or re-uploaded to any platform. This includes early-access videos, livestreams, photos, emails and wallpapers. Members-eyes only!

The phone number you are given can be used to text me as much as you'd like, but like anyone, I may not be able to get back all the time, especially depending on how many members there are! I do have a second private number just for family/business and I don't get notifications on the number you're given. I do, however, check it multiple times per day. As always, I am NOT an exotic vet, please do not use the number for emergencies. I also won't answer calls, just text.